If you are the parent (or grandparent) of a teen and you are looking at this page, then you are likely looking for answers to questions about a child who is causing your trouble at home. The good news is that there is help available. Teen Harvest is a resource for hurting parents. We provide Bible-based, pastoral counseling for families in crisis. We have other resources we can direct you to, if you need alternative placement for your teen that we cannot provide in our setting.

        Residential placement at Teen Harvest is an option for parents whose teens are wanting help and in need of a change of venue. Many teens may say they don’t want help or do not think they need any help, but really do want to get help once they come for a visit. Reasons for this vary, but may include the fact that:

  • We are small in size and live in a family unit.
  • We have many acres of land to explore
  • There is a peaceful, happy atmosphere.
  • We have lots of pets and farm animals.
  • Our school is small and the student can receive a lot of individual attention.

        Of course there may be an number of reasons why they will want to come to Teen Harvest, and many teens cannot express why. Sometimes you may simply be need to remove them from their peer influence in order for them to get on the right track.

        You, as a parent, need to know that sometimes it is the best solution for your family to be apart for a time to find a way to regroup, but our goal is always reconciliation of the family when it is possible. That is why our program involves working with both parents and children to discover the source of the problems, overcome them and help the family to come together and live in harmony with one another. In some cases, we are able to restore the relationship and keep the family together so out-of –home placement does not become necessary. I would encourage you to contact us right away and let us help you find the solution for your situation.


  • Family counseling
  • Individual counseling
  • Home visits (after consultation)
  • Home-school support services
  • Music lessons
  • Family Reconciliation retreats



I’m Elijah. I have been a student at Teen Harvest for two years. I came from Wichita, KS. I grew up in a Christian home, but by the time I was 17 years old, I was not doing too well.

My family and I did not know how we got into trouble, but we found out about Teen Harvest from a previous student. So my dad contacted Pastor Paul and asked what they should do and he said we should come to a retreat.

My family attended a Family Reconciliation Retreat in October 2013 and found out how we had gotten into the mess we were in. One week later, I became a student at Teen Harvest.

In the first week that I was here, I learned more about God than I had in the previous 17 years. I used to be a couch potato, but now there are not too many teens that work as hard as we do. I have found a love of work since I came to Teen Harvest, and I wish I had known about God and the joy of hard work before I had gotten into the mess I was in. It would have kept me out of such a mess.

In the time I’ve been at Teen Harvest, I’ve seen God at work by answering many prayers. I’ve seen God heal people, bring families back together and get saved. I was one of the people who got saved! Six months later, I was one of 12 people that got baptized by Pastor Paul in one day. My brothers here and I are now very close. As the Bible says, “There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.” (Proverbs 18:23b)

I thank God for Paul and Linda and Teen Harvest. I would strongly encourage everybody to attend a retreat to learn what you need.”


My name is Kolayah. I am 19 years old. The Lord took me to Teen Harvest over a year ago. Jesus, through Teen Harvest, has changed my life completely. As a student, I recommend Teen Harvest to all teens looking to be men of God. I came to Teen Harvest because I needed someone’s help to get me on my own. I also wanted to have someone teach me how to be a godly man. While being here, I have learned how to study the Bible deeper than before! I now look forward to studying and hearing God’s Word. I am progressing forward on the path that God has always desired for me to be on. I thank the Lord for people like the people at Teen Harvest, who help guide me on to the path of righteousness.”

Another student says;

“I enrolled at Teen Harvest October 17th 1993 at the age of 15. I hadn’t been walking with Jesus in the past few years, I was fighting with my parents almost daily, hanging out with the worst kids in school, and was on a path that would have killed me or put me in jail. I spoke with Pastor Paul on the phone October 10th and and was quite surprised that he would only allow me to enroll at Teen Harvest if I truly wanted to change and would be willing to subject myself to his authority.   So I think because it was a choice I had to make, I was more open to this life changing move. One week later my pastor, Rick Reynolds, drove me from my home (to Teen Harvest).

The very first night I was there Pastor Paul and I drove to (a nearby town) about half an hour away to pick up pizza and calzone supplies that a local Italian restaurant was donating to Teen Harvest. At some point during the day I had mentioned to Pastor Paul that I hadn’t brought any bedding or blankets with me. While we were picking up the food, the owner of the restaurant knew that I had just moved in with Pastor Paul and Linda and wanted to give me a welcome gift….. And she gave me a quilt!!! Soon to be known as “The Miracle Blanket”! I hadn’t even been at Teen Harvest for 12 hours and experienced God’s divine providence!! This was merely the beginning of the miracles I saw as a student at Teen Harvest. I never felt I was just a student enrolled at a boarding school, but truly a member of their family.

Pastor Paul and Linda showed me Christ’s love and they quickly became a second set of parents to me. Through daily, Biblically- based teaching and renewing my walk with Christ, I was able to mend a very strained relationship with my parents and showed my friends how Christ dramatically changed my life.I stayed at Teen Harvest through my junior year of high school. I felt that God wanted me to return to my high school for my senior year to show my class the transforming power of the Gospel. Most of my classmates didn’t even recognize me and that year I was voted “Most Changed” as a part of “Senior Class Awards”.

The experiences and lessons I learned at Teen Harvest still resonate with me many years later. Pastor Paul and Linda’s unwavering faith is what I look back to anytime I have a need that just seems too big and I remember that God always provides for His children in His time. I can’t even begin to name the miracles I witnessed being a part of Teen Harvest. Pastor Paul and Linda truly practice what they preach. I will never forget the memories, life lessons, miracles and friendships I had while at Teen Harvest. I will always feel indebted to them for the sacrifices they made to be able to help a troubled 15 year old kid get his life back on track through the power of Christ’s saving grace.

Thank you and God bless you Paul and Linda!!
-Peter Vanderwerff


My name is Paris. I’m a Jr. in High School at Teen Harvest. Teen Harvest has been a blessing to me. I lived a life full of sin. Some things I didn’t know were sin. Anyway, when I was at home I thought I was a Christian, but I didn’t act like a Christian and I hurt a lot of people because of it, too. But when I surrendered my life to Christ, after I came to Teen Harvest, He changed my life and that day I was a “new creation” as the Word of God states. Ever since then, I’ve been feeding on God’s Word and gaining knowledge and a better understanding about things in the Bible; so I can “Go ye therefore …and preach …to all nations.” There is a Spiritual war going on, and we are in the war. So, that’s why I have to keep the whole armor of God on all the time. But some times I forget to put it on. So I do my very best to stay in His Word like Pastor Paul (AKA “Dad”) has taught me and the rest of the boys at Teen Harvest. I just love Mom and Dad for bestowing the love, wisdom and knowledge of God to me. That through me it can show. Let’s not forget the good cooking either!”


 My name is Zach. I came to Teen Harvest 7 months ago. The reason I came to Teen Harvest was because I got down wrong path and walked away from the Lord. I was being a danger to my parents and society. Well, after being at Teen Harvest for a week or two, I was seeing the love of God through everyone here and I wanted that love in me. So, on July 30, 2010 I rededicated my life to the Lord and I started showing Jesus’ light through me as it says in John 1:1-9. When I am around my family now, they show me a lot of respect and they treat me like a mature adult instead of a rebellious teenager. That’s just a little bit about what God is doing for me here at Teen Harvest.” ​​


Raising our children is a great responsibility and one of the hardest jobs God has given us. Knowing how much we love our boys (we have 3 of them) we can’t even imagine how much our Creator loves us!

When our oldest started making bad choices –and our hearts ached to find peace in the decisions we were making—God was working! We see that now, more than we did at first. But God was working!! We tried counseling with him and it really didn’t help, except to show us we needed His Sovereign help even more. We prayed, and prayed, and prayed –a lot!!!

Thru friends (God’s Plan) we found Teen Harvest. So we went and visited (God’s Plan). Sure, we would have loved to just leave him the first !me, but it wasn’t God’s !me. We did know that God wanted him there, but we were not sure of the means. Our son wasn’t interested at first, but God was working on his heart. We kept praying and working at home. (Satan is trying very hard to destroy the Godly homes!) We went to a Family Reconciliation Retreat at Teen Harvest. Every husband and wife that has kids should a&end at least one of these: the sooner the be&er! We were so blessed, but our son was just sure he could change himself on his own at home without Teen Harvest. But thru another choice our son made, God changed it all. And God chose to pluck him out of our hands and put him in His!

Paul and Linda have been so amazing thru it all from the very start. It was a little over 2 months from the first visit to when we took our son there. Praise the Lord! And he has been there for almost 6 months now. Praising the Lord continually! It has been tough, but man, has it been such a blessing to see and hear from him! God is working mightily at Teen Harvest and in our son. The system they have there for discipleship is so cool and to see the guys honoring it is even cooler! I know it can be tough, of course, but Holy Spirit is so present at Teen Harvest and our son has been changed. The peace and contentment we just see in him is such a change from the boy we took there 6 months ago. God had that bedroom there waiting for him, and we know that God has gifted Paul and Linda with such wisdom and knowledge, grace and patience. Also, the music ministry is so incredible! We have gained more family and that is such an added blessing from God! Thank you Teen Harvest for truly seeking God’s will in your lives and living it each and every day!

Sincerely, Bart and
Ashton Tillotson

Here is what a student’s parent says;

“(We) are the Christian parents of 9 children who moved to the Missouri Ozarks in 1999. As a home schooling family, we learned that Southern California was not the place to be raising our family, and God moved us to Southern Missouri. Very shortly after arriving here, we heard about another Christian family that was looking for fellowship in this area. We called and met the Paul Neighbour family. What a blessing they are to our family! Paul is a big man with a big heart who God has directed and gifted toward ministry to boys. My children love Paul and Linda Neighbour and consider them to be somewhat of an Aunt and Uncle.

“I have enjoyed Bible study with Paul and find that he is a very serious Bible student. As many of you may know , it is hard to find someone who will discuss the hard issues with you through the Bible. Paul is such a man. We have had meals with the Neighbors, held services in their home, and even spent a night there. The Neighbor family is the “real deal”. They live their faith and are consistent as a Christian family.

Just a few months ago, one of our boys became more and more difficult to manage. At one point, it was obvious that he needed something that we couldn’t provide him at home. We already had seen the work and the people that Paul and Linda were, and our son already knew and loved them. The decision was an obvious one. Don’t misunderstand. Allowing someone outside the family to have influence on one of our children was very difficult, and outside our Christian philosophy. After much prayer and many tears, we knew that God was clearly telling us to trust our precious son to the care of Paul and Linda Neighbour.

Time proved that we had heard God correctly. The days at TEEN HARVEST MINISTRIES are very structured with plenty of chores and individually tailored schooling. This is exactly what our son needed most. The days there begin and end with prayer and Bible study. Our son is learning to control his emotions. We see the changes in him with each visit. We have no doubt that he will be returning to our family as a very much changed young man when the time is right.

I can think of no-one else that we would trust with the training of any of our children. Paul and Linda Neighbour listen to us and carefully see to it that our wishes concerning our son are followed. The kind of Godly love and care that boys get at TEEN HARVEST MINISTRIES very likely can’t be found anywhere else outside the family.` If God is leading you to seek help with a boy, we strongly recommend the Paul Neighbour family and TEEN HARVEST MINISTRIES.”


Dear Paul,

It has been a delight to serve along side of you and Linda in bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to young people. There is an image that sticks in my mind of these rag tag teenagers following you around your small ranch near Mount Rainier. It only took a few minutes to know that these teenagers were experiencing the dignity of being unconditionally loved for the first time in their lives.

As director of Tacoma Youth for Christ, it always seemed that when we were pushing out to new areas of ministry you were side by side with us. You were an integral part of our foster care ministry, our work in Remann Hall to incarcerated youth, our Breaking Free work with the kids once they got out of the juvenile hall and our outreach to kids in the Dyslin Boys’ Ranch facility Where ever you served there always seemed to be that one or two kids that were never more than two feet behind you, eating up the love and attention they craved so much. You and Linda have the ability to turn a project like tearing down an engine to be rebuilt or baking a cherry pie into deep and lasting ministry in hurting kids lives.

Although our paths do not cross since God called you eastward, you remain a faithful partner in ministry.

Tim Skrivan
Vice President – Field Services, Youth for Christ/USA


Dear Pastor Neighbour:

Reason: My current evaluation of Teen Harvest Ministry. I am writing this for publication. First of all, Teen Harvest is a Movement. It is not a program. It is not just another ministry.


1. It is Unique
2. It is done in Jesus’ name against all odds. It reaches the most DC (difficult clients). for Example Officer Kevin Owens, forensic investigator for the Beachwood, OH Police Department, said on May 3, 2010, “I would not dare in my right mind, in the natural, to take into my home” one particular foster child that Teen Harvest took in.
That child later turned out to be a successful policeman and a fine Christian young man. It is an “against all odds” youth ministry. As a minister with a PH.D. in Counseling Psychology, with 30 years of counseling and clinical experience, my bench mark is: No secular counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist would ever take on the high risk difficult clients (DC’s) for residential (ministry) that Teen Harvest Youth Ranch does routinely.
3. It is done with “such love.” Like me, Pastor Neighbour is Pro GOD not Prozac.. (Neither Pastor Neighbour or myself are against the Rx of Prozac Rx when indicated.)

Pastor Paul Neighbour and wife Linda simply know what they are doing. Pastor Paul and Linda have a tried and proven delivery system. Pastor Paul Knows how to strike the “Right Chord” with rebellious teens to:
Swing ambivalence and do “Christian Reality Therapy.”
Their teens get in touch with reality and Jesus Christ. I have observed that their students learn the hard lesson of owning their own behavior without exception before they graduate.
Can a manual be written?
Yes. Paul’s wife and family are as capable to deliver the same redemptive message to hurting teenagers and their families through Family Reconciliation Retreats.
Therefore, others can study their methods and provide such love in Jesus’ Name. A manual needs to be published. However, it will only work in Jesus’ name.
Is the Teen Harvest Ministry “horse driven” or Holy Spirit driven?
It is definitely Holy Spirit Driven. Their discernment level is high that what the mental status examination of a psychiatrist or psychologist can produce in the way of an ongoing diagnosis. This is uncanny. It is why Teen Challenge, a similar ministry operates with an 87% efficacy rate compared to the 3% efficacy rate of the (FBN (Federal Bureau of Narcotics.) I plant to do on-going efficacy studies at Teen Harvest Youth Ranch.
Discernment is only second to “Such Love” in Jesus’ name at Teen Harvest Youth Ranch. It is my opinion that it is 90% of the reason pastor Paul is so effective working with DC students. The brightest student at Teen Harvest youth Ranch con not circumvent God’s plan and the authority invested in Paul and linda et al in God’s plan.
Yes, there are horses. One named “Doc” was donated by Susan. Susan has done several radio programs in NY with the writer and specializes in spotting spiritual sociopaths and pedophiles in churches. She has served on two Family Reconciliation retreat panels at Teen Harvest Youth Ranch.
Because the Holy Spirit drives this ministry, Jesus is taken deep into the unconscious mind. Root canals are done in Jesus’ name.
In Pilgrim Theology, Paul does the “deeper plowing” when he preaches and ministers to his students and their parents at Family Reconciliation Retreats.

Paul and Linda run on:
1. “Such wisdom” in Jesus’ name
2. “Such love” in Jesus’ name
3. Biblical Discipline
4. Such Hope.
(Paul and the Neighbour family are not geared to give up even on the most DC students and their families. Studies show that the greater the severity of a psychiatric illness the more psychiatrists and psychologists distanciate themselves from their patients. This is not so for Paul and Linda. They literally take their students into their home and live with them.)
5. Obedience to God’s will
6. Pastor Paul is realistic and discerning about strongholds of the enemy. Again, Pastor Paul Neighbour and the staff of Teen harvest Youth Ranch run on discernment.
7. Pastor Paul runs on spiritual authority. Satan must flee in Jesus’ name!
In Christ
Rev. Thomas, Devol, PH. D.
Pastor Paul also teaches guitar. He is gifted in teaching music. I have observed Pastor Paul give lessons. He definitely knows how to teach his students to strike the “Right Chord.”

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