A "family home" for boys looking for a better life!

Teen Harvest is the life long calling of Pastor Paul Neighbour. At the tender age of 7 years old, God laid it on his heart to be “a father to the fatherless” after hearing a sermon about how God takes care of fatherless and widows. Pastor Paul took it to heart and promised God that he would give his life to this mission. This remains his mission.

  Pastor Paul became a youth pastor at the age of 16 in a small church in which the pastor was his father. The following year he was ordained early in his junior year in high school.

 While teaching school at New Hope Christian School in Grants Pass, OR, he met his wife, Linda, who had a similar calling in her life as a young girl. Together, they have fostered dozens of teens and discipled them in the ways of God. God has worked many, often unfathomable, miracles over the years to help them to accomplish this task.

  God took them through a process between 1986 and 1989, while serving as youth pastors at an independent Christian church in Federal Way, WA. He began to bring numerous street kids into their lives and ministry. Several kids who had been kicked out of their homes came to them and asked if they could live with them. Compelled by God and their longtime dream, they gladly received and loved these kids who were otherwise unwanted or unable to get along with their families. God was calling them to formally organize into a boarding school where kids who were looking for a safe, loving home could come and grow up and get a superior education. Teen Harvest was born.

  Through numerous miracles and divine direction, God provided a church building and parsonage in Ashford, WA for them to formally open their school. While there, Pastor Paul and Linda continued working with kids in their school, on the streets –in a long-time relationship with Youth for Christ International—and to families in the community.

  Lead by the Lord, Teen Harvest moved to a beautiful 276 acre farm near Ava, MO in 2002, where they have the room to accomplish their dreams of building a facility dedicated to teens who are hurting, but who want a happy home. Along with boarding students, Teen Harvest is also committed to families; training them how to love and enjoy each other and live with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, passion and fervor in the way God intended families to live.

  At this hour, we are in the process of building infrastructure to house families who come to attend our Family Reconciliation Retreats. Whether you are a young adult getting married who wants to learn how to train you children right, a parent who is struggling with stress in the home, or a grandparent who wants to learn how to help their children and grandchildren, you will want to attend a retreat soon!

  If you are looking for a way to make a difference for God in the lives of teens and families, or if you feel the compelling of the Lord to do something to bless this ministry, we would encourage you to make haste.

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