A "family home" for boys looking for a better life!

TEEN HARVEST is a Christian, Bible-centered ministry. Our small, 
individualized school ministers to boys mainly between ages
12-17 who want a good home to grow up in. 
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  Teen Harvest’s purpose is to provide a home for boys who want to be a part of a real
family. …a place where they can:

  • Feel safe 
  • Have godly parents who love them
  • Have brothers to do life with
  • Learn how real Christians deal with life’s troubles.
  • Be home-schooled and everyone can get good grades.
  • Play basket-ball, football, ride bikes, horses, camp, swim, fish and all kinds of boy things.

  Boys who are interested may contact us directly or may be
referred to Teen Harvest by:

  • Neighborhood ministries that have identified boys who need our help.
  • Pastors who are working with families in need.
  • Kids who have heard of us and feel like we can help them.
  • Parents who are looking for options for willing sons. 
  • A social worker; however, we accept no regulated state money. 
  • Anybody may refer a boy who needs us.

What are you looking for?  Check us out and see if Teen Harvest is the place you want to be!

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