A "family home" for boys looking for a better life!
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  TEEN HARVEST is a Christian, Bible-centered ministry. Our small, 
individualized school ministers to boys mainly between ages
12-17 who want a good home to grow up in. 
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  Teen Harvest’s purpose is to provide a home for boys who want to be a part of a real
family. …a place where they can:

  • Feel safe                                                                                           
  • Have godly parents who love them
  • Have brothers to do life with
  • Learn how real Christians deal with life’s troubles.
  • Be home-schooled and everyone can get good grades.
  • Play basket-ball, football, ride bikes, horses, camp, swim, fish and all kinds of boy things.

  Boys who are interested may contact us directly or may be
referred to Teen Harvest by:

  • Neighborhood ministries that have identified boys who need our help.
  • Pastors who are working with families in need.
  • Kids who have heard of us and feel like we can help them.
  • Parents who are looking for options for willing sons. 
  • A social worker; however, we accept no regulated state money. 
  • Anybody may refer a boy who needs us.

What are you looking for?  Check us out and see if Teen Harvest is the place you want to be!


Teen Harvest Ranch does not in any way discriminate on the basis of color, race or national or ethnic origin.

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