A "family home" for boys looking for a better life!

Here is what People say about Teen Harvest:

“Dear Paul,
It has been a delight to serve along side of you and Linda in bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to young people. There is an image that sticks in my mind of these rag tag teenagers following you around your small ranch near Mount Rainer. It only took a few minutes to know that these teenagers were experiencing the dignity of being unconditionally loved for the first time in their lives.

As director of Tacoma Youth for Christ, it always seemed that when we were pushing out to new areas of ministry you were side by side with us. You were an integral part of our foster care ministry, our work in Remann Hall to incarcerated youth, our Breaking Free work with the kids once they got out of the juvenile hall and our outreach to kids in the Dyslin Boys’ Ranch facility… Read On

Dear Pastor Neighbour:

Reason: My current evaluation of Teen Harvest Ministry. I am writing this for publication. First of all, Teen Harvest is a Movement. It is not a program. It is not just another ministry.


1. It is Unique

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