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2. It is done in Jesus’ name against all odds. It reaches the most DC (difficult clients). for Example Officer Kevin Owens, forensic investigator for the Beachwood, OH Police Department, said on May 3, 2010, “I would not dare in my right mind, in the natural, to take into my home” one particular foster child that Teen Harvest took in.

That child later turned out to be a successful policeman and a fine Christian young man. It is an “against all odds” youth ministry. As a minister with a PH.D. in Counseling Psychology, with 30 years of counseling and clinical experience, my bench mark is: No secular counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist would ever take on the high risk difficult clients (DC’s) for residential (ministry) that Teen Harvest Youth Ranch does routinely.

3. It is done with “such love.” Like me, Pastor Neighbour is Pro GOD not Prozac.. (Neither Pastor Neighbour or myself are against the Rx of Prozac Rx when indicated.)


Pastor Paul Neighbour and wife Linda simply know what they are doing. Pastor Paul and Linda have a tried and proven delivery system. Pastor Paul Knows how to strike the “Right Chord” with rebellious teens to:

Swing ambivalence and do “Christian Reality Therapy.”

Their teens get in touch with reality and Jesus Christ. I have observed that their students learn the hard lesson of owning their own behavior without exception before they graduate.

Can a manual be written?

Yes. Paul’s wife and family are as capable to deliver the same redemptive message to hurting teenagers and their families through Family Reconciliation Retreats.

Therefore, others can study their methods and provide such love in Jesus’ Name. A manual needs to be published. However, it will only work in Jesus’ name.

Is the Teen Harvest Ministry “horse driven” or Holy Spirit driven?

It is definitely Holy Spirit Driven. Their discernment level is high that what the mental status examination of a psychiatrist or psychologist can produce in the way of an ongoing diagnosis. This is uncanny. It is why Teen Challenge, a similar ministry operates with an 87% efficacy rate compared to the 3% efficacy rate of the (FBN (Federal Bureau of Narcotics.) I plant to do on-going efficacy studies at Teen Harvest Youth Ranch.

Discernment is only second to “Such Love” in Jesus’ name at Teen Harvest Youth Ranch. It is my opinion that it is 90% of the reason pastor Paul is so effective working with DC students. The brightest student at Teen Harvest youth Ranch con not circumvent God’s plan and the authority invested in Paul and linda et al in God’s plan.

Yes, there are horses. one named “Doc” was donated by Susan Drollinger. Susan has done several radio programs in NY with the writer and specializes in spotting spiritual sociopaths and pedophiles in churches. She has served on two Family Reconciliation retreat panels at Teen Harvest Youth Ranch.

Because the Holy Spirit drives this ministry, Jesus is taken deep into the unconscious mind. Root canals are done in Jesus’ name.

In Pilgrim Theology, Paul does the “deeper plowing” when he preaches and ministers to his students and their parents at Family Reconciliation Retreats.

Paul and Linda run on:

1. “Such wisdom” in Jesus’ name

2. “Such love” in Jesus’ name

3. Biblical Discipline

4. Such Hope.

(Paul and the Neighbour family are not geared to give up even on the most DC students and their families. Studies show that the greater the severity of a psychiatric illness the more psychiatrists and psychologists distanciate themselves from their patients. This is not so for Paul and Linda. They literally take their students into their home and live with them.)

5. Obedience to God’s will

6. Pastor Paul is realistic and discerning about strongholds of the enemy. Again, Pastor Paul Neighbour and the staff of Teen harvest Youth Ranch run on discernment.

7. Pastor Paul runs on spiritual authority. Satan must flee in Jesus’ name!

In Christ

Rev. Thomas, Devol, PH. D.

Pastor Paul also teaches guitar. He is gifted in teaching music. I have observed Pastor Paul give lessons. He definitely knows how to teach his students to strike the “Right Chord.”

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