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“I have enjoyed Bible study with Paul and find that he is a very serious Bible student. As many of you may know , it is hard to find someone who will discuss the hard issues with you through the Bible. Paul is such a man. We have had meals with the Neighbours, held services in their home, and even spent a night there. The Neighbour family is the “real deal”. They live their faith and are consistent as a Christian family.

Just a few months ago, one of our boys became more and more difficult to manage. At one point, it was obvious that he needed something that we couldn’t provide him at home. We already had seen the work and the people that Paul and Linda were, and our son already knew and loved them. The decision was an obvious one. Don’t misunderstand. Allowing someone outside the family to have influence on one of our children was very difficult, and outside our Christian philosophy. After much prayer and many tears, we knew that God was clearly telling us to trust our precious son to the care of Paul and Linda Neighbour.

Time proved that we had heard God correctly. The days at TEEN HARVEST MINISTRIES are very structured with plenty of chores and individually tailored schooling. This is exactly what our son needed most. The days there begin and end with prayer and Bible study. Our son is learning to control his emotions. We see the changes in him with each visit. We have no doubt that he will be returning to our family as a very much changed young man when the time is right.

I can think of no-one else that we would trust with the training of any of our children. Paul and Linda Neighbour listen to us and carefully see to it that our wishes concerning our son are followed. The kind of Godly love and care that boys get at TEEN HARVEST MINISTRIES very likely can’t be found anywhere else outside the family. If God is leading you to seek help with a boy, we strongly recommend the Paul Neighbour family and TEEN HARVEST MINISTRIES.”

Dick and Caroline

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