Ever feel like you wish you could start over and get it right this time …but you simply don’t know don’t know how?

Do you sometimes feel like your children are the ones in control and you have to do what they say?

Have you always wished you could spend some time with a personal counselor who has helped many families find peace?

Teen Harvest is inviting you to take a FAMILY vacation to our ranch and have a great time with a few other families, getting your questions answered, solving family problems, getting personal attention while taking time to relax, and enjoying family activities on our ranch nestled in the heart of the pristine Ozark Mountains near the attractions of Branson and Springfield, Missouri.

If you are interested in coming please click “Register” on the top of the page.

What others are saying:

“…I have also received a lot of good counsel from Pastor Paul; Now (our daughter) is living with girls from her Christian academy instead of shacking up; and her shack up boy friend… … is enrolled in the A/G Bible College in Boston. Thanks to Pastor Paul.”

This couple says;

“We have learned more (about marriage and family) in three days at Teen Harvest than in the 17 years we have been married!”

And this couple says:

“It Has been 18 years since we held hands or kissed! I’m so glad that we attended the Family Reconciliation Retreat!”

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