Divine Design Family Retreats
Family Reconciliation Retreats

What if 3 days could:

  • Change your family forever?
  • Take the fight out of family life?
  • Help you raise loyal children?
  • Improve your marriage significantly?

—We know that you want to have a happy family, and a peaceful home. We believe that the Bible teaches us how to live and thrive as a FAMILY UNIT.

Parenting children and nurturing relationships in today’s culture is more challenging than ever. We all need a little help from each other to navigate through this journey. Divine design and Family Reconciliation Retreats are here to do just that! Come to the ranch for relaxation in the beautiful Ozarks mountains with a time of learning how to do family God’s way in a mixed-up, ever-changing world.

If you are having family issues of any kind that are overwhelming, we are here to help.  ​CONTACT US!

Here are some testimonials from other families who have attended:

  • “…I have also received a lot of good counsel from Pastor Paul; Now (our daughter) is living with the girls from her Christian academy instead of shacking up; and her shack-up boyfriend… …is enrolled in Bible College in Boston. Thanks to Pastor Paul.”
  • “We learned more (about marriage and family) in three days at Teen Harvest than in the 17 years we have been married!”
  • “It has been 18 years since we were close to each other! I’m so glad that we attended the Family Reconciliation Retreat!” ​

Pastor Paul & Linda Neighbour.
Paul has 49 years of experience as a youth pastor; Linda joined him in ministry as his wife in 1978. Together they founded Teen Harvest in 1987. They have been “Dad & Mom” to many troubled teens and taught them and their parents to live a godly life.

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