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Here is what Our former and present students have said
about Teen Harvest:

   My name is Kolayah. I am 19 years old. The Lord took me to Teen Harvest over a year ago. Jesus, through Teen Harvest, has changed my life completely. As a student, I recommend Teen Harvest to all teens looking to be men of God. I came to Teen Harvest because I needed someone’s help to get me on my own. I also wanted to have someone teach me how to be a godly man. While being here, I have learned how to study the Bible deeper than before! I now look forward to studying and hearing God’s Word. I am progressing forward on the path that God has always desired for me to be on. I thank the Lord for people like the people at Teen Harvest, who help guide me on to the path of righteousness.”

   My name is Ty, I’ve been a student at Teen Harvest since summer of 2010. When I first arrived my only thoughts were of home, friends and the thought of spending a whole year of my life in a boarding school. Time went by slower than ever the first month. The more I thought of it the longer it seemed. About a month latter I rededicated my heart to the Lord and everything changed for me. I had a desire to get help on my problems and to start turning my life around. I still have times where I’m doing great and times where I get in the flesh, but over all God has His hand on me and has used Teen Harvest to grow me and mature me in the word of God. I want to thank my parents and brother for helping me through this time in my life. Also for Pastor Paul and Linda for their giving of all their time and efforts to help me succeed.”

A former student says;
“I enrolled at Teen Harvest October 17th 1993 at the age of 15. I hadn’t been walking with Jesus in the past few years, I was fighting with my parents almost daily, hanging out with the worst kids in school, and was on a path that would have killed me or put me in jail. I spoke with Paul on the phone October 10th and and was quite surprised that he would only allow me to enroll at Teen Harvest if I truly wanted to change and would be willing to subject myself to his authority. Read On

   My name is Paris. I’m a Jr. in High School at Teen Harvest. Teen Harvest has been a blessing to me. I lived a life full of sin. Some things I didn’t know were sin. Anyway, when I was at home I thought I was a Christian, but I didn’t act like a Christian and I hurt a lot of people because of it, too. But when I surrendered my life to Christ, after I came to Teen Harvest, He changed my life and that day I was a “new creation” as the Word of God states. Ever since then, I’ve been feeding on God’s Word and gaining knowledge and a better understanding about things in the Bible; so I can “Go ye therefore …and preach …to all nations.” There is a Spiritual war going on, and we are in the war. So, that’s why I have to keep the whole armor of God on all the time.” Read On

   My name is Zach. I came to Teen Harvest 7 months ago. The reason I came to Teen Harvest was because I got down the wrong path and walked away from the Lord. I was being a danger to my parents and society. Well, after being at Teen Harvest for a week or two, I was seeing the love of God through everyone here and I wanted that love in me. So, on July 30, 2010 I rededicated my life to the Lord and I started showing Jesus’ light through me as it says in John 1:1-9. When I am around my family now, they show me a lot of respect and they treat me like a mature adult instead of a rebellious teenager. That’s just a little bit about what God is doing for me here at Teen Harvest.” 

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