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  “So I think because it was a choice I had to make, I was more open to this life changing move. One week later my pastor, Rick Reynolds, drove me from my home in Kirkland to Ashford which was close to a 3 hour drive.

The very first night I was there Paul and I drove to Eatonville about half an hour away to pick up pizza and calzone supplies that a local Italian restaurant was donating to Teen Harvest. At some point during the day I had mentioned to Paul that I hadn’t brought any bedding or blankets with me. While we were picking up the food, the owner of the restaurant knew that I had just moved in with Paul and Linda and wanted to give me a welcome gift….. And she gave me a quilt!!! Soon to be known as “The Miracle Blanket”! I hadn’t even been at Teen Harvest for 12 hours and experienced God’s divine providence!! This was merely the beginning of the miracles I saw as a student at Teen Harvest. I never felt I was just a student enrolled at a boarding school, but truly a member of their family.

Paul and Linda showed me Christ’s love and they quickly became a second set of parents to me. Through daily, Biblically- based teaching and renewing my walk with Christ, I was able to mend a very strained relationship with my parents and showed my friends how Christ dramatically changed my life.I stayed at Teen Harvest through my junior year of high school. I felt that God wanted me to return to my high school for my senior year to show my class the transforming power of the Gospel. Most of my classmates didn’t even recognize me and that year I was voted “Most Changed” as a part of “Senior Class Awards”.

The experiences and lessons I learned at Teen Harvest still resonate with me 15 years later. Paul and Linda’s unwavering faith is what I look back to anytime I have a need that just seems too big and I remember that God always provides for His children in His time. I can’t even begin to name the miracles I witnessed being a part of Teen Harvest. Paul and Linda truly practice what they preach. I will never forget the memories, life lessons, miracles and friendships I had while at Teen Harvest. I will always feel indebted to them for the sacrifices they made to be able to help a troubled 15 year old kid get his life back on track through the power of Christ’s saving grace.

Thank you and God bless you Paul and Linda!!

-Peter Vanderwerff

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