UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: Teen Harvest is not currently enrolling new students. We are focusing on Family Retreats where real family healing takes place. If you have a “troubled” child, sign up for the next retreat NOW!

TEEN HARVEST is a Christian, Bible-centered FAMILY ministry. We minister to families mainly in two ways:

  • FAMILY RETREATS. We train families, both new and experienced, how to establish an identity, build loyalty and live in harmony. (See more details on the Family Retreats tab above).
  • ​DISCIPLESHIP SCHOOL. Our small, individualized school ministers to up to 7 young men at a time in residence, mainly between the ages of 12 and 21 who want to know the Lord better and need to finish High School. We strive for excellence in academics and character. We only accept gentlemen who really desire to grow here. We also provide tutoring for local students and Homeschooling assistance for families who want to home school but don’t want to go it alone.

​We work to provide a home for young men who want to be in a real family environment; not an institution …a place where they can:

  • Feel safe,
  • Have godly “parents” who love with Jesus’ love,
  • Have brothers to do life with,
  • Learn how real Christians deal with life’s troubles,
  • Learn at their own pace and everyone gets good grades,
  • Enjoy fun activities
  • Worship and play music.

Gentlemen who are interested may contact us directly or may be
referred to Teen Harvest by:

  • Neighborhood ministries that have identified their desire for help.
  • Pastors who are working with them.
  • Guys who have heard of us and feel like we can help them.
  • Parents who are looking for options for willing sons.
  • A social worker; however, we accept no regulated state money.

​What are you looking for? Check us out and see if Teen Harvest is the place you want to be! ​


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